But unfortunately, their 30 year passive- aggressive dance was losing some of it’s passive.

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The best advice for pushing through any situation that seems doomed was from my 10th grade gym teacher who was trying to convince a girl not to puke while doing laps in swim gym. 

"It’s 90% mental."

(this is especially true for puking. you won’t puke if you tell yourself you won’t)

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For unclear reasons, even in 2014 we still have a sort of sexual stigma, mostly against women who enjoy sex, especially if it’s frequent and with multiple partners. This, to me, implies a personal sexual dysfunction of the bitchy whiner, rather than the person who enjoys festive boinking, but what do I know? I know that if you’re not spreading disease or children and you’re enjoying it with another responsible, consenting adult, then anyone who complains about your sex life is probably an asshole. Stop calling people names for fucking, yo. It makes you an asshole.

Felix Clay, in The 4 Most Underrated Feelings in the World (via cracked)





This scene is seriously the cutest thing ever.


martha <3


Vincent van Gogh


The thing they don’t tell you about traveling and studying abroad is that it takes a little bit to meet people, and by the time you do, you’ve only got a few weeks left and so many things you still want to do with them


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follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/DrewWyllie {


follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/DrewWyllie

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Some time ago I made a writing blog and  {


Some time ago I made a writing blog and 

Ich kann es gar nicht gewesen sein,

sonst hätte ich ja Klamotten an.

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which pokemon is this

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